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From a guy who went from social phobia to social stuntman… from being too afraid to eat in the cafeteria to embarrassing himself on purpose in front of millions… 

Freddy’s Full Guide to Stripping Away Social Fear

I couldn’t eat in the cafeteria

because I was sure everyone could see that I had nobody to eat with. “They will think I’m a loser if I’m sitting alone“, I thought. And if I just sat down with some random people, I was sure they would think, “why is HE here?” My head was full of these conspiracy theories trying to explain why I would be rejected by people. I did not look this cool when eating by myself… I went to an athletic high school program, but I was nervous every day because I had to shower with the other class mates after the sports classes. I was convinced they thought I had a small ding-dong, and that everyone was thinking about this while we were all standing in the shower area naked. Sometimes we trained with the older dudes. And one day I was in the shower area as the youngest guy, surrounded by ONLY older seniors… Then the captain walked into the shower area…. Picture a guy like this, but in soccer format.  “Hmm…”, he first uttered. I was already facing the wall while showering. But soon my arm got snatched and I was pulled out of my shower spot. I slipped on the floor, like Bambi on the ice – only the fact that I was a naked skinny teenager, which is way more embarrassing. So here I was naked, surrounded by six older dudes who were laughing. Plus, my belief that I had a micro penis (when not erect), made the experience more dramatic in my head. “The guy with the small penis was thrown out of the shower by the captain, and slipped like Bambi”. What a great story for them to tell the rest of their class. On the bus a few days later Captain Alpha tapped me on the shoulder and apologized to me. Ironically, Captain Alpha is also the guy who introduced me to pickup, the art of seduction. Anyway, this is how social situations could torture me. I had to introduce myself over to the same people because I left no impression on them. Girls had no clue that I existed. Talking to girls I had attraction for was my largest fear. I hated this existence. I hated being ignored. And the irony: I also feared attention. This could not go on any longer. I wanted to change, so badly. So I first went to a psychologist to just get the very basic help I needed. At age 17 I was diagnosed for social phobia.

My Social Anxiety “diploma”

Cool, right?

Long story short, things turned out better.

This video was recorded a few years later… So I figured out a few things along the way, and I’ve made a program for you who either struggle with social anxiety, are nervous around people, and for you who feel like you’re doing okay but still want full social freedom.

Do YOU suffer from social fear today? 

I understand it must be hard. But there is a way out! I’ve been there too, and I know! And maybe you are not diagnosed for social phobia like I was, but you know there must be a level of authenticity and confidence than what you currently feel you have. You do not need to be diagnosed with social anxiety to be worthy of a cure. Seriously, anybody can get a social phobia diagnosis. Your psychiatrist would be very happy to assign you one. This is how I define social anxiety: Not SAYING or DOING the things you want because of the fear of getting judged by other people.  Does that sound like you? Listen, it’s not your fault. Various situations in your life lead to the way you see the world today. But I want you to know that there’s a brighter way to see the world. We all just want to be ourselves. In fact, 91 percent of dying people have one main regret… they wish they were themselves. They wish they were free, and followed their hearts despite what people thought about them. I assume you have a long time left on this planet… and it’s awesome that you’re already showing the spirit to look for freedom. You may feel like you need guidance to increase your chance of liberating yourself. In that case, I got something that can help you.

Here’s What I Got For You

My total blueprint on how to get rid of social anxiety, shyness and nervousness around people. Everything on my heart regarding the topic, with exercises that are simple to do, and fun! It’s not a program where I’ll just throw you out on the street and expect you to be social with everyone. If you feel ready to savage the streets or the bars, that’s great. But we’re also going way deeper than that – our mission is to heal the root cause of your social fear. The program leads towards realizing “The One Goddamn Thing” that will take you out of social anxiety hell. After this realization we can simply watch your social fear and insecurity run out of your system over time. I can’t predict your results after this program. Your results depends on how strongly you want to transform. But I will say that if you come in with an open mind, follow the program and allow the knowledge to sink in, a miracle can happen.

Petar Went From Social Anxiety to Getting a Girlfriend in 2 Months

Social Anxiety Strip-Down Formula holds the key that will strip down your social anxiety once and for all!  The cause of your social anxiety is DEEP, and it requires an open mind, reflection and strong-willed heart. So please, come into the course with an open mind. A locked mind will keep you were you are. Get ready to have your beliefs about yourself shattered. Are you ready?

Changes You Will Experience In Your Life

  • Feel better talking on the phone with people
  • Feel more confident speaking in public
  • Feel great talking to the opposite sex
  • Feel confident in job interviews
  • Feel more comfortable to asking your boss for a raise
  • Feel less fear of changing career
  • Overcome the fear of authority
  • Learn how to become more assertive
  • Reduce approval-seeking
  • Follow your inner calling despite what your parents and friends think about your life choices
  • Open up to the world, and raising your confidence while traveling

The 12-Step Guide to Overcome Social Fear and Reach Social Freedom in 12 Weeks.

If you follow just a few of these steps you will be forced to say goodbye to scarcity in your social life, and you will soon say “good morning” to a new problem: Too many people around you, addicted to your presence. “The Guide to Keeping People Away From You” will be the next course 😉

In SA Strip-Down Formula You Will Discover

  • How to conquer your fear of approaching beautiful women, with just a pen, paper and 30 seconds per day
  • How to crush your social anxiety through FUN activities like TRAVELING. Learn how to travel cheap, meet wonderful people, exotic women, eat great food and have the time of your life. I’ll show you how you can travel so cheap that you may even SAVE more money than if you stayed home.
  • That you can be very attractive to women, even if you’re introverted/self conscious, and have social anxiety
  • How to train your ability to NOT run out of things to talk about
  • Discover your STRENGTHS. People with social anxiety and introversion have certain abilities that’ll make them successful in areas of life where the “normals” stand no chance.
  • How to deal with sweating, shaking and stuttering
  • How to multiply your social anxiety healing by 10 times
  • How to overcome the fear of being alone
  • How to reduce stress in your life by saying this one word to people
  • How to make it way easier to do the things that scares you
  • How to find social freedom by doing the most introverted activity on the planet!
  • Discover joy and peace within YOURSELF rather than out in THINGS, EVENTS and PEOPLE, which makes you less socially needy and will actually make you enjoy things, events and people even more.
For the price of less than your morning coffee for the next month, you can put yourself on the Exit-train out from the hell of social fear and towards the land of social freedom. For an investment of $67 you’ll get the Naked Guy’s full blueprint to increase your social confidence.

Here’s How to Enroll

If you have trouble with the order please email Freddy’s assistant (Freddy himself) at
  1. Click the yellow “add to cart” button below
  2. Click “signup” for “SA Strip-Down Formula”. There are some other courses listed. Make sure you pick SA Strip-Down Formula.
  3. Register
  4. You can pay the investment of $67 with either Paypal or credit card
  5. After you have made the payment, you will get immediate access to the SA Strip-Down Formula members area where the blueprint and I will be waiting for you. See you inside!

Let’s Strip Away The Whole Risk, Shall We? 

You can take the course, download all the vids, try all the stuff out, and if you’re not amazed in 60 days, send me an email and I’ll give you a full refund, and you can keep the course for free.

How Are Students Doing?

Mikkel Went From Daily Social Panic Attacks to  Walking Around The City Dressed Up Like a Woman

Mikkel was a great guy to chat with. A pleasant dude from Northern Norway. But there was something wrong… Mikkel had experienced MAJOR social anxiety for the last years since breaking up from a very long relationship. He said it was getting worse and worse. He would constantly get social panic attacks during meetings at his job. It was so bad that he was willing to do anything to get over it. I can recognize this spirit from my social anxiety days. Two months after our chat he sent me a photo of himself in fisher pants and a ladies jacket. He had flown all the way to Oslo to embarrass himself in public to challenge his severe social anxiety, by walking the streets of crowded Oslo with this weird outfit. He said it was “rather unpleasant” at first, but eventually he lost the F-giving and cruised through the stunt with a LOL. I know Mikke’s life is going to be interesting from now on. <3 And here’s a second update from Mikkel:

Stefan’s Review of SA Strip-Down Formula

Free Hugs Story 

Do You Want to Be The Next Social Prison Breaker?

Instead of buying 40 gum packs for the next 2 months, or to be more realistic, instead of getting 15 cups of coffee at Starbucks the next 2 months, you can get the blueprint that covers my whole perspective on how to break out of the social prison and live your own life in joy and social freedom. So… 15 cups of Starbucks coffee the next two months….. Vs…. Follow Freddy’s recipe for social anxiety exit (Freddy, who went from social anxiety to picking up girls naked) I didn’t leave anything off my heart in the program and I gotta say I’m proud of it. And you can access it for only the exchange of 20 cups of Starbucks coffee the next 60 days. Coffee is not good for you anyway – But hey, I won’t judge you for keeping the other 40 cups! So, you’re either tired of social anxiety or you want to take the next leap of freedom?

Here’s how to acquire the SA Strip-Down Formula: 

  1. Click the yellow button
  2. Then click “sign up” for SA Strip-Down Formula.
  3. Register with username, email and password.
  4. You can pay the investment of $67 either with Paypal or credit card
  5. After you have made the payment, you will get immediate access to the SA Strip-Down Formula members area where the blueprint and I will be waiting for you!
If you have trouble with the order please email Freddy’s sexy assistant (Freddy himself) at

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